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Who We Are

An environment conducive to learning must be provided at all costs so that kids get ample opportunities to acquire knowledge and grow up into responsible adults who can give back to society. Schools offer just that with well-trained teachers who impart information to their students in the most appropriate manner.

What We Do

All children want to get the most out of their courses and life at school, but there may well be times when other concerns or problems interfere with that aim. Arrangements have been made to offer personalized counseling to children should they feel the need, as talking through issues at such times can often help identify and resolve matters before they become crises. To enable the students in making judicious selection suitable to their personal aptitudes in career opportunities, they are provided professional guidance by the Lucknow Institute of Career Guidance.

Science Periods
Unlike most schools, where students visit the laboratories only once or twice a week, here most Science Class are conducted in'teaching laboratories'. In addition to Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Mathematics laboratories, the School has a state-of-the art Language Laboratory where each child can strengthen individual speaking skills.

GJPS is a new kind of school and needs a new kind of teacher/administrator. Although they can certainly benefit from training, we subscribe to the idea that first-class teachers are born not made. Style is important. If your style is primarily didactic, 'chalk-and-talk' then GJPS is not for you. We are also looking for professionals in school administration.

Subject Choice
In contract to most other schools a choice of subjects is offered in class IX. Each child must select one subject from each of the six groups... 1. English, 2. Hindi, 3. Social Studies, 4. Science or Economics, 5. Mathematics or Commercial Studies, 6. Computer Science/ Environmental Science/ Music/ Art / Physical Education/Yoga.

Art, Craft, Music, Dance & Yoga
Up to Standard VIII, Art, Craft, Music, Dance and Yoga are academic periods in the time-table because we perceive them to be an essential component of the education process. Standard IX onwards, Art, Craft, & Music are not time-tabled, but may be undertaken as Spare Time Activities (STA) during afternoons or as an examination subject.

Activity Based Learning
One of the important aspects of a truly good education, particularly at the primary & middle school level, is that learning must activity oriented, with plenty of practical work and provision for concrete learning experiences, rather than mere bookish learning. Their before, all academic facility interiors have been meticulously planned to allow plenty of individual activities and project and project work.

Remedial Instruction
Students weak in studies will be given remedial coaching (extra tuition), either during prep or activity periods.

Third language
Three periods per week in a third language acceptable to the Examination Board are compulsory in Standards VI and VIII. Students may, provided there are sufficient numbers, take additional language or continue studying a particular language as a co-curricular or Spare Time Activity (STA).


Why Choose Our Institution?

Institution authorities want to know more about your academic interests and commitments. Talk about the specific educational, research, and other academic opportunities offered by the college that appeal to you. Expand on this idea by talking about how these opportunities help support your future goals.

Scholarship Facility

School scholarships in India, offered by government and organizations like MHRD, MOMA, CBSE, etc., help financially constrained students pursue primary education, reducing drop-out rates.

Skilled Lecturers

FVC's experienced faculty uses innovative teaching for various subjects, including management topics. Emphasis on recruitment and development of faculty as institute pillars, with strong educational backgrounds

Book Library & Store

A school library is a resource center providing equitable access to various media, including books, technology, and the internet. It serves as a learner-oriented laboratory supporting and extending the school's curriculum.

Our History 2015

Gyan Jyoti Public School is a school that endeavours to fulfil a wide range of educational needs of the school-age children. We define educational needs as those encompassing the holistic development of the child; physical social, intellectual and emotional development. With a strong foundation that begins in the early years, the school helps children grow in a caring, stimulating and challenging environment.

Gyan Jyoti Public School is the dream destination for every parent seeking the best school for their child.

Established in 2015, MLA Binod Kumar  inaugurated the school. The patrons cum chairperson of the school Bhuneshwar Mahto , had envisaged an institution which will take school education to an unexplored height. The aim was to provide the best learning experience in a safe, conducive and loving environment by skilled, compassionate and competent teachers. The motto of the school says it all - Global Perspective Indian values.


Over Vision, Mission and Core

The Vision, Mission and Core Values were carefully scripted as they would lay down the path for future years.

An establishment which began with a staff of 16 teachers of Classes Nursery to 5th with 500 students was already set to the task of growing and blossoming into a school with a difference. The construction of only one block was complete and the next two years witnessed feverish construction activity to bring the dream into reality. In 2018, we added the middle school up to 10, and our first batch of 10th appeared for Board Exams in the year 2020.  By this time the student's strength has reached to 500 and a teaching and non-teaching staff strength to 15.

We Have 500 Students

At our institution, we pride ourselves on having a team of 20 experienced teaching and non-teaching staff members who are dedicated to providing a nurturing and enriching environment for your children. With their expertise, your child will receive the best possible education and gain valuable knowledge. Our staff is committed to teaching everything they know in the most effective and engaging manner, ensuring that your child's learning experience is both enjoyable and impactful. We prioritize creating a positive and encouraging atmosphere that fosters curiosity and intellectual growth. Rest assured that your child will have access to a diverse range of subjects and learning opportunities. With our dedicated faculty, your child's educational journey will be filled with enthusiasm and a passion for lifelong learning.