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Gyan Jyoti Public School has Multi–Purpose Sports Complex with a facility of many Indoor-Outdoor Sports like Table Tennis, Badminton, Judo, Yoga, Kho-Kho, Athletics, Football, Volley Ball, Basket Ball, Lawn Tennis, Cricket, Chess. The school has Coaches and Trainer for all these games and physical activities.

The school organizes sports competitions at Inter-Class, Inter-House, Inter-Branch and Inter-School levels for various age groups of boys and girls throughout the year. The school also participates in different sports competitions organized by CBSE at Cluster, Zonal. The school is well known as a sporting school because of its achievements in different categories at different levels of sports competitions.


For Primary - ALL-ROUNDER

The School provides opportunities to students to have the benefit of maximum sports with enjoyment. Education on fundamentals of every sports activity is imparted wherein the students get an experience of various sports like football, cricket, skating, swimming, athletics, etc. This varied experience enables students to identify a sport of their choice and excel in the same.


At this stage, sports programme encourages the students to excel in one sport, so that they are able to chip in and execute well in Intramural and Extramural competitions. Sports offered for the specialization include basketball, cricket and football.

We, at GJPS, believe that as long as the icons are involved in sports activities, all their senses, the locomotor system and intellectual capacities are engaged. By playing sports, child becomes stronger, physically as well as mentally. Above all, they learn to overcome obstacles and challenges in real life situations.